Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Conclusion

The fight between food has been going on since one can remember. Though the arguments mainly consist of certain cultures standing up for their own cuisines, food still is a part of many conversations. Whether one is just talking about what they just ate for lunch or recommending a place to eat; food is involved in many talks worldwide. Foods of all sorts are present in everyday life and without food one would not be able to survive. Food is an important aspect in everyday life and is one of my favorite things. From eating to cooking, I love anything that includes food and that is why I choose it as my topic for this assignment. Of course since I am a hundred percent Polish and have had most of my life revolve around polish food, I can honestly say that it’s my favorite. I’ve tried most cuisines out there, from Mexican to Indian to Asian to much more; I still come back to Polish food because home is where the heart is. Even though I must admit Japanese sushi is a close second. But continuing on, the argument is between Polish and Mexican food.

Both foods have certain aspects of them that are unique and credible to only themselves. Both dishes are quite opposite, if one is to get down to the bare details. However, both Polish and Mexican foods are cuisines that have a history behind them. Mexican food comes from the way the people lived. They focused on corn, tomatoes, and other vegetables they harvested themselves. Pork and beef are the main meats used in the preparation of the meals. While Polish food comes from the way the people relied on potatoes since it was the main vegetable that was grown in Poland. Polish people can make anything out of potatoes including soups, pancakes, noodles, and etc. Potatoes are also included in almost every meal. But the way the polish use the potatoes in different ways make it so that one cannot get sick of them. Another aspect of polish food is meat. Polish people love their meat and there is nothing wrong with that. They also know how to use every part of the animal. When making chicken soup, you never throw away the heart, liver, or gizzards because they add flavor to the soup. So just like any other cultural food, both Mexican and polish food rely on the produce around them in order to make the meals that have become their own.

Polish food is vibrant because it uses carrots, beets, cucumbers, pickles, red cabbage, and many other vegetables of that sort to make soups and salads. Mexican is also vibrant because it uses tomatoes, avocadoes, red peppers, green peppers, and much more. But from the items listed, one can tell that items used to make the meals are quite different in both cultures, making each culture unique.

Both cultures make amazing food and though I still prefer polish food its because that’s my preference. My taste buds have tasted both Mexican and Polish food and Polish food wins by a mile. Even though both cultures use many ingredients, many traditional recipes, and lots of love when putting the meals together, they still are different. They are different with what ingredients are used and how the meals are made.

But when it comes down to which is better, that is all about preference. I prefer Polish food but I am positive that a Mexican would prefer Mexican food. It’s all about taste preference. What tastes good to one person may not taste good to another. For instance, I hate tomatoes but my little sister loves them. Each person is an individual with his or her own taste, opinion, and preference. In my mind Polish food is better and I can argue it but it’s an argument that will continue on without end. Its better to state my opinion and how I feel but its also better to be able to allow the person to make up their own mind. I started out by stating and fighting that Polish food is the best. But after reading up on Mexican, I have come to the conclusion that both cultures have amazing food and the decision of which is better lies up to the individual consuming the cuisine.


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Monday, April 14, 2008

Mediated Brief

Polish and Mexican cuisines are both similar and different to each other. Both are very traditional and have been passed down from generation to generation. Both are vibrant and use a variety of ingredients to compose the meals. Also both are very enjoyable meals. They are different because though they both use a variety of ingredients, the ingredients are quite different. Polish food is Slavic so its focused on meat, potatoes, cabbages, noddles, dumplings, and much more. Mexican food is focused more on meat, tortillas, tomatoes, avocados, corn, beans, and spices. Its obvious how different the two cuisines are. Another aspect where they are different is with the time it takes to cook the meals. Most Mexican meals are rather quick to cook while Polish meals are very time consuming because food is a very important part of the Polish culture. When it comes to arguing which food is the best, I think its best to leave it up to the individual. Everyone has different tastes and opinions; what i might enjoy to eat, may not be enjoyed by another. I have tried both foods and my opinion on Polish food being the best wont change but it is fair to say that Mexican food is very different and does have certain aspects that might win others over. Polish food is being introduced to the American culture more and more each day while Mexican food is already here. It has nothing to do with the food not being good, it has to do with the countries positions. Mexico is a neighboring country and Poland is over seas so its obvious which food is more present in our country.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Polish Food is the Best!

The world is full of many cultures and with that come many different cuisines. I have tried many different meals from many different countries and I can honestly say that home is were the heart is. I say that because Polish food has been eaten in my household since I can remember. Now, you are probably thinking that I am only saying its the best because its what I have grown up with. But that is not the case, people who have never tried it before until they came to my house will support me. From the common pierogies to kashanka ( blood sausage), the food is all appeitizing. I have many reasons that support why Polish food is the best.

Reason 1:

Its the best because it is full of flavors that are complex but have a lighter side too. The flavors aren't overpowering but there are still enough to make your mouth water.

Reason 2:

Polish food is vibrant and very traditional. Many meals that are made have been passed down from generation to generation.

Reason 3:

Polish food is very healthy for you. It consists of every food group and after eating a meal you are full until your next meal. This results in you only eating three meals a day. A typical meal will consist of a soup, followed by a plate with potatoes, a cutlet, and a polish salad like mizeria. Yes there is fat in the food because Polish people love there fat but its healthy fat. ( plus, fat burns fat)

Reason 4:

There desserts are very light and not too sweet. The polish cheese cake to use as an example is very different then a cheesecake in America. A polish cheesecake is baked and when it is done its light, and can be eaten at any time.


My favorite reason is that it is made with love. Polish food is very time consuming to make but the end results are miraculous. My grandmother can be always found in the kitchen and when you ask her why her food is so good she will tell you " because I put love into everything I cook."

I can continue on with many more reasons but I feel I have gotten my message across and if you don't believe, try it for yourself. Once you eat polish food, there is no turning back. :)